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LivOn 名字:LivOn 顾客:LivOn 归类:公司官方网站 TAG: 英语企业网站建设 海外企业网站建设 VISIT SITE 浏览该网站 LivOn promotes a trustable wireless monitoring system to the senior and munity. The activity detector suggests more sophisticated care with no hassle of touching device. Automatic identification of meaningful changes in ADL leads to proactive action of service people. Monitoring potential emergencycase could give great efficiency leveling up to caregivers, panies anizations. Of course the user s feeling relived is key factor of this system.   Trustable report in timely manner is key factor in proactive care with quality. Traditional medical alarm (PERS) system pany AFTER incident has happened. LivOn utilizes several activity detectors data and well-proven analytics algorithm to give related caregiving anizations. Accumulated user data work as normal daily activity index and certain deviation from it works as a trigger of the potential emergency response from caregiving parties.